The automobile, reinvented

Reimagined from the ground up, Helios does car better than any other. Sporting many original innovations and even a few novel inventions, this car may seem like it's come from the future – it has.

Butterfly Effects

Many of Helios' technological advances have butterfly effects in other areas. For example, we've already designed Helios' underlying architecture to be incredibly modular. By opening the platform to our users, and creating tools to encourage personalization and customization, we can create something that has never existed before in this space: a collaborative design community.

We call this framework the Gestalt Suite, and the possibilities are boundless.

Our Purpose

We envision a future where major technologies are designed, built, and driven by open communities. Since this future isn't yet a reality, we've set out to make it so.

History has shown open development to be key to the most rapid technological progress that humankind is capable of. We plan to show how even the most deeply-seated closed technologies can be made open and inclusive, bringing this vision into reality.

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